Vertex O Series Edge Webcast

Experience Vertex O Series Edge - Overview and Live Demonstration

Vertex O Series Edge Webcast 

Date: Wednesday, July 13, 2022
Time: 1:00 - 1:30 PM ET

Join us on July 13th for an exclusive look at Vertex’s next innovation in tax calculation: O Series Edge.
Vertex O Series Edge uses the latest edge computing technology to move tax calculation to your point of transaction for highest availability, improved performance, streamlined scalability, and enhanced security.
Vertex O Series Edge offers the best of both worlds: a cloud-based system, centrally managed, but mirrored and leveraged on-premise for tax calculation.  
Unlike any other tax calculation engine, Edge allows you to optimize transactions locally anywhere in the world – calculating tax on-premise in real time at the point of sale – while managed centrally and synced to a main hub to enable reporting, analytics, compliance, and maintenance.
In this 30-minute overview webcast, we’ll show you how Vertex is bringing the latest Edge technology to your business to improve workflow and productivity, maintain a first-class customer experience, protect your data, and scale best-in-class tax technology across your enterprise.  
Who Should Attend:

  • Retailers looking to improve workflow and efficiency in-store 
  • e-Commerce operations who need a fast, scalable tax solution
  • Business leaders passionate about improving the customer checkout experience
  • IT departments looking to improve uptime for their tax engine
  • IT leaders who have adopted or plan to adopt edge computing 
  • Any tax or IT professional looking to better secure their data

Register today for a first-hand, live demonstration of the latest innovation in tax calculation from Vertex – O Series Edge.

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